Digital Forensics

General Information

The Digital Forensics MS degree is comprised of 30 hours of study beyond the bachelor's degree with required, intensive specialization in topics related to digital forensics. The degree program prepares students, including working professionals, who will pursue the degree on a part-time basis to gain the knowledge and skills required to work as an examiner in the field. The program may also be taken by those who have an interest in scientific applications and research in the field, and who would like to continue to a doctoral degree program or law school after completion.

The MSDF degree is a collaborative effort between various UCF academic departments - Computer Science, Forensic Science of Chemistry, Criminal Justice and Legal Studies - and the National Center for Forensic Science. The National Center for Forensic Science is a State of Florida Type II Center and a member of the National Institute of Justice Forensic Resource Network of the Department of Justice, serving the needs of state and local law enforcement and forensic scientists.

Missions & Objectives

The mission of the MSDF degree program is to provide a quality graduate education in the science and practices of digital forensics, and to prepare the students for digital forensics jobs and a lifetime of learning. The objectives of the program include the following:

  • To give MSDF graduates the knowledge and skills necessary to participate as effective team members or team leaders in digital evidence investigations
  • To prepare MSDF graduates for professional careers in digital forensics examination, forensic tool development, tool verification and validation, security and forensics administration
  • To prepare MSDF graduates with the knowledge and skills to pursue advanced studies and research in computer technology or computer crime-related disciplines
  • To equip MSDF graduates with the communication skills, both oral and written, to become effective problem solvers as well as effective communicators when serving as expert forensic examiners and expert witnesses

Admission Requirements

The admission requirements are consistent with those of most M.S. programs in the U.S. Students will be selected on a competitive basis and must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • An earned Bachelor's degree from an accredited university.
  • A minimum GPA of 3.0 (on a scale of 4.0) in all work attempted as an undergraduate student or in the last 60 attempted hours for the Bachelor's degree, or, a graduate degree or professional degree or equivalent from a regionally accredited US institution in a field related to digital forensics
  • A personal statement (essay) not exceeding 500 words describing the applicant's academic and professional experiences and goals.
  • One letter of recommendation assessing the applicant's potential to do master's-level work.
  • Résumé.