Digital Forensics

How do I apply?

You may apply online at UCF's Office of Graduate Studies. Follow the link Admissions -> US Applicants (or ->International Applicants), read the application requirements, then choose "Apply Now"! to proceed.

When do I apply?

The recommended time to apply for admission to the program is for the fall semester when the first two beginning courses are offered in every fall semester. The university-wide deadline is:

What are the prerequisite requirements?

Undergraduate articulation courses may be required for students with BS and/or MS degrees in fields other than a computer-related field. The articulation courses will be determined by the graduate program coordinator. Students without a computer-related degree must be versed in basic computing and networking knowledge and skills, including computer hardware and architecture, computer operating systems, and computer networking. Information Technology or Digital Forensics job- or training-related experience may be a suitable substitution, the suitability of which will be determined by the admissions committee. Courses taken to correct deficiencies cannot be used to satisfy minimum degree requirements. Some advanced elective courses require a programming background, specifically in C and C++, computer architecture, and parallel programming.

What is the cost of the program?

Residents of 13 southern states may enroll in the program and pay in-state tution rates under the academic common market program; see this link for details. Otherwise, there is significant cost difference in tuition and fees between Florida residents and non-Florida residents. Please use the current tuition link (Select "Graduate" program level) for information about the cost for tuition and fees.

Can I take the courses online?

You may complete "formal' classes of the degree online by selecting appropriate elective courses. That is, there are enough online electives to complete the degree although not all electives are taught online. Choosing the thesis option will require a one-time on-campus thesis defense meeting.